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Logazmic is a lightweight utility designed for anyone who wants to explore the nlog logs. Available in a white and dark theme, the program boasts a modern and intuitive interface that enables you to explore logs without too much hassle. Take note that the application is based on Log2console and, at least for the time being, it solely supports log4j xml layout.
Similarly to the core app, the utility allows for convenient search and filtering of the log messages. You can get started by browsing to the source directory or you can simply drag and drop the logs that need exploring. In the eventuality that you can add a receiver-server, then you can take advantage of the TCP/UDP listening feature. You can increase/decrease the grid and description fonts from the Settings for more visibility.
It is worth mentioning that the tool supports a few basic file management functions, including, but not limited to Copy current row to clipboard, Autoscroll and Scroll into selected item. At the same time, the program comes with an advanced filtering feature where you can search for properties precisely. Overall, the dynamic filtering, advanced search, grouping and cycling can all come in handy when you are attempting to find certain types of events within the logs.







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Similar programs that you might like:

Log4j ViewerLog4j Viewer is a free Java application that lets you open and edit your Log4j Logfiles. The most critical data is organized in separate tabs, so you can quickly search it.
There are many new features in this version of log4jViewer such as filtering, cycle, re-open and dump.

Log4j VisualizerVisualizer for Log4J is a powerful visualization tool for your logs. Just install it, go to Log4j GUI, and enter your Log4J configuration file to visualize your application logs in real time. You can create your own views and export any of them in several formats. You can even save your views so that you can open them later.
You can use Log4j Visualizer to debug your application, troubleshoot your problems and view application…

Log4CX Log4CX is an open source Log4j appender for viewing and searching Log4CX log entries. It runs on Windows, Linux and OSX. Supports filtering, grouping, sorting.
Log4CX can view and search Windows,.Net, Java, or JBoss application logs, server logs, and web logs.
Log4CX is based on the excellent open source Log4j Java appender. It includes a copy of the Log4j API plus custom extensions to provide additional features.

The AIX XQuery Log VisualizerThe AIX XQuery Log Visualizer is a free, open-source Visualizer for the IBM iSeries, OS/400, and OS/390 with the XQuery language. The XQuery log viewer displays the log data in an easy to understand manner.
The Log Visualizer displays the data in a tabular format that is easy to read, filter, sort, cycle and search.
It is also possible to sort the selected log data by event name, date, or

XQuery Log Visualizer for DB2XQuery Log Visualizer for DB2 is a free, open-source Visualizer for the IBM iSeries, OS/400, and OS/390 systems with the IBM iSeries XML Query (XQuery) language. It displays the log data in a tabular format that is easy to read, filter, sort, cycle and search. It can also sort the log data by event name, date, or by issue number.

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NLog is the most powerful.NET framework for logging.
Today it’s easier than ever to add functionality to your applications and to see how the apps are being used.
NLog is a great choice for your logging needs.
* NLog is the most popular and most used logging framework on the planet.
* It has tens of thousands of developers and ISVs that depend on it for both current and future logging.
* It is fast and light enough for high traffic environments.
* It supports Windows, Linux, ASP.NET, Tomcat, Jetty, and other servers.
* It is free as in Beer for non-commercial use.
* NLog is Open Source and Open Standards.
We even offer the option to redistribute the licenses for the core components of NLog.
Note that the source code is freely available for review purposes, but redistribution is prohibited.


For your NLog configuration the NLog.config file is a good starting point.
To start, you need an NLog.config file that looks like:
* E.g.

This config file can be saved anywhere on your system, but NLog will only use that file when it needs to log messages.
In a GUI app,

Logazmic Crack +

For all the users of Jython scripting language, JythonStudio is a complete python IDE and an environment for run Python scripts on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux with IntelliJ IDEA integration. JythonStudio is provided as a standalone application as well as a plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA 13.
The GUI based application includes a code editor, compiler, repl, debugger and an interactive console (tab). In addition to the aforementioned features, JythonStudio has the following items:
• A Project Wizards, An Ant and Maven builders
• Build files are dynamically generated
• Reads and writes Jython scripts
• Compiler to generate Bytecode
• Built in interpreter
• Built in debugger
• Code completion
• Syntax coloring for Python, HTML, XHTML and XML files
• A powerful Python Console
• Reads and Writes to and from SQLite databases
• Line Number and Source Code Highlighting
• An interactive console (tab)
• Scripting & Scripting Documentation
For more detailed information and all the important features and what one can expect to enjoy when using JythonStudio, please refer to the link below.

Added support for Subversion 1.6 and 1.7 (including working repositories).
Added the ability to launch.bat scripts with the Java launcher.
Added the ability to use the Eclipse JDT compiler on scripts.
Added support for P4 and Subversion 1.6 and 1.7 (including working repositories).

Portable Advanced Query Language (PAQL) is an open source query language library for creating and executing queries against performance-optimized relational databases, in Java. PAQL is designed to be based on SQL, and as such it provides all the power and the abstraction of SQL, but for Java.
PAQL SQL is a simple dialect of SQL that has the following advantages over traditional SQL:
– PAQL is memory-based, meaning that data in memory is not copied and is always available to the database query.
– PAQL cannot use the graphical features of SQL, because a PAQL query does not have these features.
– PAQL query execution is based on map-reduce. A map-reduce query is like a traditional SQL statement, but executed as a map and reduce task.
– PAQL does not include graph query capabilities.
PAQL can be compiled to SQL in C, C++, C#, Del

What’s New In?

The Professional C/C++ IDEs include invaluable editors, compilers, build tools, debugger, and profilers, intended to aid developers in building the projects that they need quickly and with the least possible effort.

Lazarus is a Delphi (as well as Free Pascal) compiler. It is a great code-generating IDE, allowing you to write and compile applications quickly and effectively.

Lazarus includes native IDE support for QuickDoc (TObject doc) and QuickView (TTreeView doc), as well as the ability to use external XML, CSV and HTML file formats as source for internal documentation. We also provide an easy way to create.NET desktop applications, Android apps, and HTML5 websites.

When using Lazarus as a preprocessor, you’ll be able to write and compile FPC code more quickly and easily than with the ObjectPascal compiler. Of course, you still have access to all the functionality provided by FPC, such as reentrant packages, Unicode support and so on.

Lazarus Developer Packager can be used to prepare applications for archiving. Using it, you can create compressed, self-extracting.LDP files which can be deployed to users via a single click. You can also create a ready-to-use.NET installer.

Lazarus Builder is a visual tool for building C/C++ applications which utilises Lazarus-Delphi/Free Pascal. The IDE contains a full-featured code editor, as well as an FTP- and HTTP-browser, options for making unit and interface packages, and a code generator for creating new applications.

Lazarus is the IDE used by Pascal programmers worldwide for many years, and Free Pascal now has a modern, object-oriented version for use with FPC 5.0.

Compiler Features:

Lazarus is object-oriented, code-generating Delphi compiler (as well as Free Pascal). It is a powerful development environment, suitable for both application and library development. With Lazarus you can speed up your coding process and build more efficient software.

It contains several features which facilitate the creation of a wide range of applications and libraries, such as RichEdit-based editors, QuickDoc and QuickView editors, internal documentation via XML, CSV, HTML, as well as an HTML5 support, multi-platform portability, profiling functionality, unit and interface packaging and so on.

With Lazarus

System Requirements For Logazmic:

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
GRAPHICS: DirectX9 graphics card with 1GB of VRAM
DIRECTX: Version 9.0c
MINIMUM: OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10CPU:


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