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In this article, we describe a novel technique for the measurement of DNA damage in living cells using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Non-damaged DNA molecules and damaged DNA molecules were labeled with the intercalating dye, YOYO-1. Then, the fluorescence images of the cells were obtained with a conventional fluorescence microscope. By computer analysis, correlation functions were measured from the images to estimate the number of molecules of each type, thus resulting in the measurement of DNA damage in living cells.Acute effect of respiratory acidosis on arterial pressure: an experimental study in anaesthetized rats.
Experiments were conducted to determine whether acute respiratory acidosis produced by breathing 8% CO2 has any effect on mean arterial blood pressure (MAP), heart rate, cardiac output and plasma catecholamine concentrations, in urethane-anaesthetized rats. Respiratory acidosis was induced by intravenous infusion of sodium chloride solutions. Acute respiratory acidosis caused a fall in MAP, CO and catecholamines, which was most pronounced after the lower infusions of sodium chloride solutions. The fall in CO was not due to haemodilution, since plasma volume, haemoglobin concentration and viscosity had increased in proportion to the volume of the infusate. The fall in MAP seemed to be related to heart rate in the first 5 min of acidosis. Thus, it is concluded that an increase in respiratory CO2 does not always stimulate vasoconstriction, and that the fall in CO may be due to either a decreased cardiac output or peripheral vasodilatation.

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How to find all the line numbers of a python string?

I have a string like:
hello=1+2; main()
Here I want only to find the line number of the main function. But I dont know how to parse it.


import re

def clean_line_number(fname):
‘, fname).group(1)

print(clean_line_number(‘hello=1+2; main()’))

This would get you the line number of the main() function in the string.

October 2010

The motivation for $600,000? Besides, if the City won’t spend that much, taxpayers would be considered for another $800,000, according to the South Carolina All-Stars, a band from Columbia. (See accompanying video.) Others say the neighbors could help with the $600,000. Or the…

Barry “Chuck” Brown has had his share of health problems and his sports regimen has been carefully managed. Barry Brown has had his share of health problems and his sports regimen has been carefully managed. But this year, this explosive, 300-pound free safety has been pushing the…

One of the worst instances of bullying on campus continues to unfold in the Columbia area. The story starts with Bryan Bustin, a first-year Columbia graduate student and part-time Columbia University Police Department training officer. Bryan Bustin, a graduate student at the University of South Carolina, was…

By LEN R. MILLER: I remembered this so well, I had to write about it. President Ronald Reagan’s “War on Drugs” was justified. The reason why is that drugs is a plague. Not only do they cause the deaths of tens of thousands of people a year,…

By JENNIFER MARTIN-TALBOT: The South Carolina All-Stars are a band from Columbia, but this isn�

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