2022 Chairmans Report

2022 Chairman Report




2022 proved to be another year of growth and great challenge for Wilsonville Community

Sharing. The steady support we received from the city government, local businesses and

citizens allowed us to continue in our mission to reduce hunger and build a self-reliant


The City of Wilsonville has for many years been a stable source of financial support

for our mission. We are grateful to have this consistent support from all sources, including Bryan Cosgrove, Mayor Fitzgerald and City Council members. July 2022, with the help of the city officials and the public works department, we were able to move into our new location at 29796 SW Town Center Loop E (The old Art Tech School). We have found that the new location has brought many new faces to us as we increased our clients served by 80% just since our move. We have assisted 72 families/111 individuals with utility assistance, rent and other emergency needs. With the average amount being $231 .25. We completed the disbursement of our Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program funds totaling $50,000.00, which we received from Rep Courtney Neron in 2022.

Our financial situation remained stable once again, exhibiting the generosity of our neighbors and friends.

Our well trained and long-term staff worked hard to meet the continued needs of our community in 2022. Leigh Crosby continued working as our Executive Director.  June 2022, our long-time Information and Referral Specialist, Lani Snyder, retired after over 30 years of service. Andi Yates continued on as our Data Specialist and we once again welcomed Anne Sarin back as our Client Advocate. The increased staffing was much needed as overall need has increased again this past year. The staff works hard together to complete each intake and assist each client within 24-48 hours. They have also developed an online application that simplifies the process.

Our board continues under the leadership of Carlos Salazar-Board Chair; Jerri Bohard-

Vice President; Katie Eicher-Treasurer; Nicole Hendrix-Secretary; with Megan Chuinard, Tom

Hughes and Jerry Call as members at large.

.In 2023, we look forward to a stronger partnership with the city, businesses and loyal donors so

that we can continue our mission to reduce hunger and houselessness.

Respectfully submitted: Carlos Salazar, Board Chair