Workplace Giving

Does your company have a program set up that would allow you to make charitable donations through payroll deductions? Payroll deductions are an easy way to make charitable donations directly and automatically from your paycheck.


When you make a payroll deduction gift to Wilsonville Community Sharing, you’re minimizing administrative expenses and putting even more of your donation to work to fight hunger. You’ll also spread your donations over the course of a year by deducting the amount you designate from each paycheck. By donating through payroll deduction, you can more easily budget your donation and enjoy a simplified donation process.

In addition, many workplaces will match your gift. These matching gifts can double your original donation amount.

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Ask your company’s human resources office, personal department or community relations office if they have workplace giving and matching gift programs in place.

Please note: Per the IRS, payroll deduction donations are receipted by the employer, using a paystub, W-2 or other document provided by the employer that indicates the amount withheld and paid to WCS, or the pledge card provided at the workplace. Wilsonville Community Sharing does not provide tax receipts to donors making payroll deduction donations.